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Professor Robert (Rob) Coleman is Emeritus Professor of Medical Oncology in the Department of Oncology and Metabolism at the University of Sheffield. He graduated in medicine from Kings College Hospital Medical School in 1978 and trained in London and Edinburgh before moving to Sheffield in 1991 where he was instrumental in developing clinical cancer research in the city and establishing an internationally respected bone oncology research team in Sheffield. Rob has held many leadership roles within the university and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Cancer Research Network. Despite recently retiring from his formal position at the university, he remains research active and still leads a number of national and international clinical trials. Since 2014 he has been a part-time Medical Director for the global independent medical education provider, prIME Oncology™, developing and delivering both live and on-line educational activities for oncologists and other providers of cancer care. Professor Coleman is a past-president of the Cancer and Bone Society and the founding editor of “Journal of Bone Oncology”. He has published nearly 450 peer reviewed manuscripts and numerous book chapters. He is also a trustee and deputy chair of the board at St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield and a trustee for the Weston Park Cancer Charity.

R. E. Coleman_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

R. E. ColemanThe University of Sheffield,UK

09:30- 10:10

After studying general chemistry and biochemistry at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg i.Br. (Germany) I got the PhD in biochemistry from the same university. During my PhD work I was trained in virology, cell- and molecular-biology. During several postdoc positions [Department of Molecular Pathology at the University of Bonn (Germany), Charite Berlin (Germany), Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the University of Wuerzburg (Germany)] I received a broad training and knowledge in molecular pathology and cancer research. At the moment I am working in the Department of Molecular Pathology at the ICR (London, UK). I have published more than 60 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of repute.

Jens Claus Hahne_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Jens Claus HahneThe Institute of Cancer Research,United Kingdom


Dr. Alvaro Macieira-Coelho is a Research Director at the French National Institute of Health. He received an M.D. from the University of Lisbon, Portugal and a Ph.D. from the University of Uppsala, Sweden. He became an intern at the University Hospital in Lisbon and was a research associate at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, U.S.A. and at the Department of Cell Biology of the University of Uppsala, Sweden. He became Head of the Department of Cell Pathology at the Cancer Institute in Villejuif, France and was a visiting professor at the University of Linkoping, Sweden. He published 150 papers in professional Journals and nine books on cancer and aging. He received the Fritz Verzar Prize at the University of Vienna, Austria, the Seeds of Science award from the journal CiênciaHoje, and the Career Prize at Lisbon, Portugal, and he is a Dr. Honoris Causa at the University of Linkoping, Sweden and a Johananoff International Visiting Professor at the Mario Negri Institute, Milano, Italy.

Alvaro Macieira-Coelho_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Alvaro Macieira-CoelhoINSERM,France


Adnan Y. Rojeab is a doctor in electrical engineering, and a university lecturer and researcher. His teaching has been with many Universities, like that of the Queen Mary University of London, University of West London. Where he has supplied the students by his own books according to the syllabus of the teaching subject. As well, he is now working at The London College, U.C.K. He is interested in the area of the aspects of the electromagnetic action on the biological system.

Adnan Y. Rojeab_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Adnan Y. RojeabThe London College,United Kingdom


Ming-Shen Dai, MD, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in School of Medicine, National Defense Medical Center (NDMC) in Taipei, Taiwan, and serves as an Attending Physician and Director at Division of Hematology and Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine, Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH). Dr. Dai has extensive experience as clinical research, trial/study initiator and principal Investigator for many clinical trials, with particular interests in breast cancer metastasis, tumor microenvironment, immunotherapy and biomarker. Dr. Dai has many publications in the field of basic and clinical research regarding breast cancer metastasis/treatment appearing in international journals such as Cancer Research, Journal of Medical Sciences, Journal of Immunotherapy and Breast Cancer Research. He is also a peer reviewer in various scientific medical journals, Scientific report, Thoracic cancer, Supportive care in cancer, Theranostics, and Oncologist

Ming-Shen Dai__Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Ming-Shen DaiNational Defense Medical Center,Taiwan


Dr Hadia Moindjie joined Clara Nahmias's laboratory at Gustave Roussy Cancer Research Center (France) in May 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher. Since then, she manages a project entitled “Implication of microtubules associated proteins in chemoresistance of breast and ovarian cancers”. By using multidisciplinary approaches, she worksin the identification of new predictive biomarkers of taxane-based chemotherapy. Before joining Gustave Roussy Cancer Center, she completed her PhD at the Paris Saclay University where she was working on human pregnancy diseases. Dr Moindjie's goal is to combine her two fields of expertises and create her own research laboratory on oncofertility.

Hadia Moindjie__Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Hadia MoindjieINSERM,France


Dr. Rodrigo Orozco is a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Its field of action is mainly obstetrics focusing on high-risk pregnancy, prenatal diagnosis, and management of malformations and fetal genetic syndromes. He is actively involved in the organization and coordination of training courses for medical specialists in the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO) At the hospital level, he is the Chief of Obstetrics and the Obstetric Block of the University Hospital Fundación Jiménez Díaz, as well as a collaborating Professor of medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Alfonso X University of Madrid. He is a principal investigator and collaborator in several multicentre studies in relation to obstetric care and diseases related to placental insufficiency, mainly preeclampsia. His passion is quality in excellence in the treatment of pregnant women, respect for humanized childbirth and the satisfaction of women throughout the gestational process. He also collaborates regularly with television programs as well as with newspapers and magazines to disseminate health information to the population

Rodrigo Orozco Fernández_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Rodrigo Orozco FernándezFundacion Jimenez Diaz,Spain


Dr Jonas received her Ph.D. in female reproductive endocrinology from University College London and conducted postdoctoral research in the field of gonadotrophin hormone biology, where she pioneered the technical development of the technique photoactivated dye, localization microscopy (PD-PALM) for the visualization of individual cell surface GPCR receptors to <10nm resolution. She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Women and Children’s Health, at King’s College London.

Kim Jonas_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Kim JonasKing's College London,United Kingdom


Dr Joo Teoh is a specialist obstetrician & gynaecologist in Perth, Australia. He has completed his subspecialist training in reproductive medicine in Scotland and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Glasgow for his research in reproductive immunology. He was also the ex-chairperson of the UK Subspecialist Trainees in Reproductive Medicine before relocating to Australia.

Joo P. Teoh_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Joo P. TeohSpecialist Obstetrician & gynaecologist,Australia


Amani is a senior clinical research specialist with extensive experience in clinical research and medical writing. She earned her Master's degree in Public Health/Epidemiology from the Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2007. She is a speaker for many educational workshops and outreach educational programs.

Amani K. Abu Shaheen_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Amani K. Abu ShaheenKing Fahad Medical City,Saudi Arabia


Dr. Roopa Verghese, is a senior consultant obstetrician and gynecologist by profession who went on to do her Masters in Bioethics from Trinity International University, Chicago. After working for 14 years in all over northern India in remote locations under the aegis of Emmanuel Hospital Association she has now shifted to Muthoot Healthcare in rural Kerala as a full time obstetrician and gynecologist. She also has an added responsibility of being the Deputy Medical Superintendent of the Hospital. Being among the first few trained and qualified bioethicist in India she contributes to the pioneering work for the Center for Bioethics as a part time consultant. Presently she as a faculty of TCB along with CMC, Vellore are engaged in setting up the curriculum for the first every post graduate course in bioethics in India. She strives to practice bio ethically relevant obstetrician and gynecology in rural India given the socioeconomically and cultural difference between the countries of her educational and origin. She is a keen activist representing women’s rights on a much wider platform.

Roopa Verghese_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Roopa VergheseThe Centre of Bioethics,India

16:05- 16:25

Gabrielle Harrison completed a Masters degree in 2014 in International Relations, she then worked for various non-governmental organisations and charities including the following issues: HIV/AIDS, environmental issues, women’s education in the developing world and raising awareness of female genital mutilation. She has since returned to education and is studying Medicine, graduating in 2020. Gabrielle’s research interests are broad from FGM, women’s health and refugee health to current patterns in blunt and penetrating trauma. She works locally with vulnerable populations including the homeless and sex workers.

Gabrielle Harrison_Speaker _iWomenHealth_International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference

Gabrielle HarrisonThe University of Warwick,United Kingdom

16:30- 16:45

Miss Jun Yu Chen is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Jun recently received BSc First Class with Honours Medical Sciences after completing her intercalated degree in Clinical Medicine (Medical Sciences) specialising in cardiovascular medicine. Jun has been active in research throughout medical school in a wide range of specialities including palliative care, nutrition, respiratory medicine and hypertension. Jun has been active in many medical societies and is currently the president of the Glasgow Anaesthetics Society which holds regular revision events, clinical skills practice and an annual conference attended by students from across the UK. Jun is currently undertaking a summer studentship at the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences in Glasgow, funded by the British Heart Foundation and the Carnegie Trust looking into sodium accumulation in hypertension in animal models and human subjects.

Jun Yu Chen_YRF_iWomenHealth COnference_International Women Health and Breat Cancer Conference

Jun Yu ChenUniversity of Glasgow,United Kingdom

16 : 45-17 : 00

Dr. Simon Fishel is Managing Director of the CARE Fertility Group. He is recognized for his pioneering work in IVF (link to ‘CARE Firsts’ on CARE Fertility website), especially in the fields of microinjection for male infertility and preservation of fertility in children with cancer and in developing chromosome screening in IVF using array CGH technology. He has been active in the field for over 30 years, researching at Cambridge with Professor Robert Edwards before the birth of the first IVF baby. He was part of the ‘original team of four’, with Patrick Steptoe, Bob Edwards and John Webster at the world first IVF clinic established in 1980. He has written over 200 scientific articles and edited three books on the subject. Dr. Fishel was awarded a Personal Professorial Chair in Human Reproduction at the University of Nottingham in recognition of his work. In 2009 Simon was honored by Liverpool John Moores University with their highest award of ‘University Fellow’ for “outstanding contribution to science and to humanity”

Simon Fishel_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Simon FishelCarefertility,United Kingdom


Mr Y. Afifi has over 25 years of experience in specialised laparoscopic and reproductive surgeries. He has his PhD from the University of Birmingham and obtained extensive specialised training in minimal invasive surgery. He is the director of the Birmingham Endometriosis Centre and lead consultant of the reproductive surgery unit in Birmingham Women’s Hospital. He receives regional and national referral of patients needs a specialised laparoscopic surgery for management of complex endometriosis, infertility, fibroid, recurrent miscarriage and ovarian problems. He introduced ovarian tissue autografting for patients who opt for surgeries to remove their ovaries. The ovarian graft reversed the menopausal state without artificial hormone replacement. The technique was proven to be very successful with excellent patient satisfaction and led the way for the establishment of ovarian tissue freezing. He is the chair of advanced training in the West Midland School and one of a handful of approved national trainers for advanced laparoscopic surgery. He invented a new surgical technique for safe and successful management of corneal ectopic pregnancy. He has also developed a technique of laparoscopic entry to eliminate the associated risk of injury. He is the author of 6 chapters and over 20 publications. He has been an invited speaker of over 50 international and national conferences. He is the director of 8 international courses for hand on training of different surgical skills.

Yousri Afifi_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Yousri AfifiCarefertility,United Kingdom


Joyce Harper is Professor of Reproductive Science at University College London in the Institute for Women’s Health where she is head of the Reproductive Health Department, Principal Investigator of the Reproductive Science Group, Director of Education and Director of the Centre for Reproductive Health. She is a Director of the Embryology and PGD Academy which she established with Alpesh Doshi in 2014 and founder of Global Women Connected. She is currently studying the social, legal and ethical aspects of assisted reproductive technologies, from social egg freezing to genome editing.

Joyce Harper_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Joyce Harper UCL Institute for Women’s Health,United Kingdom


Chang-Hoon Lee is a professor of Dept. of Korean Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from College of Korean Medicine, Kyung Hee University in 1989 and worked as a Korean Medicine Doctor at the military hospital for 3 years. He received training at Kyung Hee University Hospital from 1992 to 1995. In 2005, he received a Ph.D. in Dept. of Clinical Korean Medicine, Graduate School Kyung Hee University. He was appointed Professor at College of Korean Medicine at Kyung Hee University in 2015.

Chang Hoon Lee_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Chang Hoon Lee, Jun Geol Yoon, Hae Ri JiKyung Hee University,Republic of Korea


Abstract: Aim: To identify opportunities for ovarian salvage in children undergoing surgery for OL. Method: Retrospective review of patient records for all children undergoing surgery for OL at a tertiary pediatric surgery unit from 2010-2018. Data were collected on clinical presentation, surgical procedure, gynecology involvement, and histopathology. Data are presented as median (range). Binomial logistic regression was used to identify factors associated with ovary-sparing surgery (OSS). Results: 25 girls were identified (age 11 (0–15) years); 16/25 (64%) were emergency cases, 17/25 (68%) were benign teratoma, 7/25 (28%) were simple cysts, 1 had no histology. The local gynecology team was involved in 9/25 (36%) cases. Regression modeling indicated that emergency surgery and histology were not associated with OSS; however, gynecology involvement was significantly associated (OR 28.7 (1.95-420.5), p=0.014). Conclusion: Children with OL are more likely to undergo OSS when gynecology are involved in their management rather than surgeons alone. To maximize the opportunity for ovarian salvage, we recommend that surgeons managing children with OL do so in coordination with the local gynecology team.

Dipak Karavadara_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Dipak KaravadaraKings College London,United Kingdom


Aims: To evaluate compliance of SCCG guidelines to treatments available before hysterectomy.(1,2) Method: a Retrospective cohort study (January 2016 to December 2018) identified all women with benign hysterectomies. Electronic notes, correspondence letters and investigation results were retrieved to collect information on the management of HMB. Results: 131 of the 459 women identified had a hysterectomy for HMB. In 84.7-98.5% of women, treatments were considered (i.e. offered/tried, contraindicated, attempted or patient declined). Undocumented data ranged from 1.5-15.3% across all treatments. 36.6% of women declined Depo-Provera® for concerns over weight gain and irregular bleeding. Conclusions: Hysterectomies in women <40 years were after the failure of all treatments before hysterectomy. Overall, all treatments were well considered as per SCCG recommendations, however, a high proportion particularly Depo-Provera® was declined. I recommend a proforma for treatment options, acting as an aide memoir for clinicians, improving documentation and helping with future audits.

Rabiat Umar_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Rabiat UmarNewcastle University,United Kingdom


Aim: This study, in order to determine the effect of chewing and fennel tea on intestinal motility after cesarean section. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out at a postpartum clinic of a university hospital in Istanbul. Using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) program, number, mean and percentage calculations, Student's T-test for paired comparisons, One-way analysis of variance in triple comparisons, Correlation and Tukey HSD test was used. Results: In the third group all of the implementations done, gut sounds were heard earlier than other groups and control group, flatus and excretion have come out earlier (p<0,05). Conclusion: Its thought that this study is going to lead the other studies which will ve applied on different patient groups that have more samplings. Because gum chewing and fennel tea increase the intestinal motility after caserean birth, in terms of shortening effect on discharge span and preventing postoperative ileus, they were suggested to implement all together in postoperative routine care.

Ruveyda Olmez_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Ruveyda Olmez Marmara University, Turkey


Anita Grigoriadis is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Sciences at King’s College London (KCL), the School Lead (International) and Training Lead for the CRUK KHP Centre, and holds a guest lecturership at Birkbeck College, University of London. Anita started her scientific career at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), University of Vienna (Austria), pursuing a joint Ph.D. between the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR), London, and Faculty of Natural Sciences, Salzburg (Austria). Her postdoctoral training on breast cancer genomics started at the LICR, and continued with Professor Alan Ashworth at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Centre (London), before joining Professor Andrew Tutt at the Breast Cancer NOW Unit at KCL. Since 2013 Anita leads the KCL Cancer Bioinformatics group, which implements analytical approaches to exploit large complex data sets derived from clinically annotated samples and model systems. Her work focuses on the identification of molecular patterns pathognomonic for DNA damage repair defects, plus their immune microenvironment correlates, mainly in triple negative breast cancers, but also pan-cancer. In parallel, Anita leads the newly formed initiative of “CAncer microBiome ImmuNology Data science” (CABINDA) at KCL, which investigates histomorphological features reflective of local and systemic immune responses, a patient’s resident microbial communities and how the sum of these individual components influence treatment response and disease progression.

Anita Grigoriadis_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Anita GrigoriadisKing’s College London,United Kingdom


Dr Shamley is Director of the Clinical Research Centre at UCT and has a track record of postgraduate student supervision to PhD level, publications and grant success. Key positions include: Head of Physiotherapy at OBU, Deputy Director for Research at OBU, and Deputy Director, Bournemouth CTU. External consultancies include peer reviewing for journals, grant reviewing for the HTA (UK), NRF (SA), Flanders Foundation (Belgium) and EDCTP (EU). As part of her movement towards management in health sciences, she has recently completed an Executive MBA. Her research programme includes proteomics and genomics of latent effects of adjuvant therapy in breast cancer survivors. Dr Shamley is also committed to the development of care pathways for post cancer treatment morbidity, which will provide evidence for the Cancer Survivorship Plan for SA. Her program of research aims to identify those patients at risk and target the treatment programmes accordingly. The REACH program of research intends to contribute to this end and has two main goals:1. To identify risk factors for the development of upper limb morbidity in breast cancer survivors and 2. To develop integrated care pathways for managing Lymphoedema and upper limb pain and disability. She has developed an Early Warning System (EWS) to identify patients at risk of developing complications in response to treatment. The current EWS is based on clinical risk factors and is being used in the UK and Australia. In addition, she has a team exploring potential systemic causes of morbidity by correlating the clinical phenotype of the shoulder after treatment for breast cancer with biomarkers of inflammation and angiogenesis, and their associated genetic variants. Dr Shamley is leading on the Cancer Survivorship Plan for SA. In addition to her research work she is a founding member of the African Clinical Trials Consortium and plays an active role in developing research capacity in collaboration with many other NGO’s.

Delva Shamley_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Delva ShamleyUniversity of Cape Town,South Africa


Miss Salma Naseem: MBBS, FRCS, FEBS, MSc (Breast Evaluation, London), PgDip (OPBS, UK) I work as a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon in the UK. As an experienced breast clinician, I enjoy teaching and imparting my knowledge and expertise to others both in the formal and informal settings. Since graduating and obtaining my initial surgical training from Pakistan, I have maintained my links with the teaching hospitals in Karachi. This has created opportunities for me to deliver talks on breast conditions and undertake clinical and operating sessions in the teaching hospitals. Most notably, I am a tutor and an examiner of Intercollegiate MRCS for the Royal College of Surgeons, England, both nationally and Internationally. On a local level, I have extended my expertise in guiding the sixth form students in the preparation for medical university interviews. My enthusiasm in this area led me to publish an article about this subject. Furthermore, in 2015/16, I collaborated with the consultant surgical oncologist at Maadi Military Hospital to help them in the setting up and running of Breast Services in a Military hospital in Cairo, Egypt, based on the UK model with advice to protocol and guidelines. I continued to be engaged in advising on the follow-up pathways for breast cancer patients.

Salma Naseem_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Salma NaseemYeovil District Hospital,United Kingdom


Fiona is a University Research Lecturer at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, NDORMS at the University of Oxford and was appointed as an honorary consultant rheumatologist at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford in 2013. She leads the Clinical Translation theme within the Arthritis Research UK Centre for Osteoarthritis Pathogenesis. She has a PhD in cartilage biochemistry from Imperial College London, and completed specialist training in rheumatology in West London. She has first class honours degrees for both B.Med.Sci and MBBS from University of Newcastle-Upon Tyne. Her research interest is in the diagnosis, stratification and treatment of osteoarthritis. Fiona sits on a number of steering committees which focus on the treatment of this condition: the James Lind Alliance for Early Osteoarthritis; ACHE (an assessment tool for arthroplasty); HIT (clinical trial in OA, University of Keele). She is Musculoskeletal Disorders Research Advisory Group lead for Arthritis Research UK, and also a clinical spokeswoman for the charity. Fiona won an OARSI Young Investigator award in 2014 and the British Society for Rheumatology's Michael Mason Prize in 2016 for her work on biomarkers of joint injury.

Fionaa watt_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Fiona WattThe Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, University of Oxford,United Kingdom


Dr. Kyono graduated from Fukushima Medical College, receiving his MD in 1978 and his PhD in 1984 from in Obstetrics and Gynecology (reproductive biology) in Tohoku University. He was a member of the Tohoku University team that succeeded in producing the first IVF pregnancy and delivery in Japan in 1983. He also succeeded in the first birth following frozen-thawed oocytes by slow freezing in Japan in 2001 and after using vitrified-warmed oocytes in an acute lymphoblastic leukemia patient in 2012. He made a medical clinic with reproductive medicine in Furukawa city in 1995. He has been a President of Kyono ART Clinic in Sendai since 2007, Kyono ART Clinic Takanawa in Tokyo since 2012, and Human OvarianTissue Preservation Enterprise (HOPE) in Tokyo since 2016. He became a visiting professor at Toho University in Tokyo. Dr. Kyono’s long-term research interests include studies on cryopreservation (oocyte, embryo, and ovarian tissue) for fertility preservation, in-vitro maturation for PCOS, preimplantation genetic testing, endometrial receptive array, andrology, and reproductive endocrinology.

Koichi Kyono_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Koichi KyonoKyono ART Clinic,Japan


To be updated soon.

Birgit Arabin_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Birgit ArabinClara Angela Foundation,Germany

14:45- 15:05

Dr. Shazia Iqbal is working as Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology & Director of Medical Education at AlFarabi College of Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She is the course Director for Obstetrics & Gynaecology and communication skills. She is fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP), Associate Member of RCOG. She is masters in medical education from the University of Liverpool, UK. Her primary goal is to deliver the highest possible standards of education to undergraduate MBBS students and postgraduate trainees. She is keenly involved in faculty development and review of curriculum at medical institutions with a special interest in communications skills enhancement and promoting the pedagogical techniques by using educational technologies.

Shazia Iqbal_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Shazia Iqbal AlFarabi College of Medicine,Riyadh

15:10- 15:30

Seong-Eun Kim _Joo Eun Lee_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Seong-Eun Kim and Joo Eun LeeKonyang University,South Korea


The author received an honorable Ph.D. in mathematics and majored in engineering at MIT. He attended different universities over 17 years and studied seven academic disciplines. He has spent 20,000 hours in T2D research. First, he studied six metabolic diseases and food nutrition from 2010 to 2013, then conducted his own diabetes research from 2014 to 2018. His approach is “quantitative medicine” based on mathematics, physics, optical and electronics physics, engineering modeling, signal processing, computer science, big data analytics, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. His main focus is on preventive medicine using prediction tools. He believes that the better the prediction, the more control you have

Gerald C. Hsu_Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Gerald C. HsueclaireMD Founda?on, USA


Özlem Gün Eryilmaz has graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1997 and completed her Ph.D. at the age of 26 from Government Hospital of Women’s Health Education and Research Hospital. After 22 years of work and research in government, she works now in Ortadogu Private Hospital in Ankara. For the last 9 years, she is interested in Infertility, Reproductive Medicine, IVF, and Endometriosis. She has over 25 publications that have been cited over 200 times. Related to endometriosis, she had visited the Reproductive Medicine Department of University Collage of London in 2015 and have international certificates.

Ozlem Gun Eryilmaz _Speaker_ International Women Health and Breast Cancer Conference_ iWomen Health 2019

Ozlem Gun Eryilmaz Ortadogu Hospitals,Turkey

16:20- 16:40